You've Got This

Write a message, pick up a red ribbon

The community You've Go this Year 12 campaign continues, with members of the public being able to pop into Coles and write messages of support to our Year 12 students.

Although NSW starts their exams next week, we already have some Year 12's in our community, doing exams in Victoria.

Cards are available at this table in Coles, where you can write a supportive message and staff at Coles will then put up on the wall so all our year 12's can feel the love.

It is also a great idea to make sure you have a red ribbon somewhere on your fence or mailbox, showing your support. Ribbons are available from Janine at Deniliquin Florist.

Let's all get behind these wonderful young people, who amidst Covid and all it's restrictions on what has been a challenging year for them, continued to stay focused and positive.

Youv'e Got this Year 12 !

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