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Free Christmas hotline

If you feel you need someone to talk to, are feeling lonely or are worried about your mental

health, Healthy Minds is there to listen.

Christmas can be a tough time for many people, and it can bring up many emotions and thoughts that can impact a persons mental health, and sometimes trigger or increase thoughts of suicide.

Access this FREE service to talk to a mental health and wellness nurse based in Rural NSW.

Call 1300 147 761.

The hotline holiday hours are from Saturday 23rd December to Monday 1st January from 8am-8pm. Anyone needing support during this time can use the service.

This service does not replace immediate emergency care. If you are experiencing high distress or are in crisis, please call Accessline 1800 800 944 or present to the nearest Emergency Department. If a life is in danger call 000.

For a range of other 24/7 helplines


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