MHAG group 2021
MHAG group 2021

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MHAG group 2021
MHAG group 2021

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The Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group raises awareness of mental health and signposts the way to mental health services and resources in Deniliquin and surrounding areas.

1. Increase Awareness of Mental Health to:

  • Consumer and Carers/Family

  • Health Care Providers

  • General Public

  • All levels of Government-Local, State and Federal

2. Provide Network Meetings and Forums for service providers to stay updated on the capacity and nature of service delivery of all providers of mental health services in Deniliquin

3. Facilitate Consumer Access by providing and publicising a co-ordinated, local reference point for Agencies and Groups providing Mental Health Services, specifically through the website

4. Decrease Stigma, associated with Mental Illness by facilitating Mental Health education opportunities at various venues, including all media outlets and promoting co-ordinated special community projects e.g. Mental Health month

5. Lobby/advocate for an increase in all mental health Services and funding, esp. in local and regional area when an opportunity presents itself



The group meets 6- 8 times per year for service updates and networking .

As from 2021 we will change meeting structure slightly, with informal networking, face-to-face or vial VCR attendance as the first part of our meeting, including feedback from DENI MHAG executive about projects and initiatives.

The business end of this group will sit with the executive in separate meetings held. 

Current chairs are Julie Mullins and Lourene Liebenberg 

Contact us for more information about meetings.

WHAT WE'VE achiEved

Deni MHAG started after Rotary in Deniliquin held a mental health forum for the community.

Since our formation in 2003 we have achieved some great outcomes from projects and partnerships in our community

Some of these include :

  • Introduction of MHFA ( Mental Health First Aid ) into the community in 2005 and still delivering various courses every year 

  • Mini Mental Health Conference in 2006

  • Mental Health Matters Award for NGO/Community group in 2006 ( NSW Mental Health INC)

  • 2007 Development and launch of Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group web site.

  • Mental Health Matters Certificate of Commendation for NGO/Community group in 2008 Mental Health Week 2008

  • Presentation of the play “Inside Out” by Christine Duncan Productions at Deni RSL in 2010

  • Introduction Big Blue Day at Deni High in 2012 and now an annual event 

  • Beyond Blue Workplace Training in 2013

  • "Hear Me "Consumer Stories in conjunction with Yarkuwa 

  • "Carpe Diem" play with John Wood;   March 2017 attended by 160 people

  • "Let’s Talk "event August 2017 with Nick Newling 

  • Deni Says No bullying initiative with 100 people in attendance in 2018 

  • "Lets Talk about Suicide "event in 2018 

  • Partnered with Brenda Norman and Channel for Change initiative 

  • "Mental Health is not so Scary"  Halloween initiative, started in 2018 and now an annual event (With MLHD) 

  • Various MPHN drought funded events such as Youth Forum with DHS; Healthy Farm, Healthy Farmers,  Mentally Healthy Workplaces with Deniliquin Business Chamber and South West Music Fun day in  2019 

  • Association with Ute Muster since 2010 and in 2019 formally partnered  with the Ute Muster to create a Wellness Space 

  • 2020 Launched new website 



Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group is an Australian, Non-profit, Incorporated, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) carrying on the enterprise of a health promotion charity for public benefit.


Our constitution is based on “Model rules for incorporated associations” with an additional Non-profit clause and a Dissolution clause.


Our Incorporation No is 9887142 and our ABN is 32 344 835 480. We are endorsed for Charity Tax Concessions (Income Tax exempt, Fringe Benefit Tax exempt and GST concession), and also as Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)


We consist of Consumers of Mental Health Services, their Carers, Health Care Providers and other interested members of the Public.