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Mental health Just Part of Health

As part of Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group’s campaign “We care about your mental health”, we continue to ensure our community is informed about mental health supports that are available n Deniliquin and surrounding towns.

“Mental health is part of health; it is not a separate entity to physical health. We all have mental health and physical health. The one affects the other; and together they determine our capacity to cope with the demands of life and how well we are feeling at any particular time”, Mrs Liebenberg, member of Deni MHAG says.

“Just like our physical health, we do not always feel the same. At times we can feel really unwell, needing medical treatment and interventions. This could be a once off visit to the GP, who can listen to what is going on for you and make a plan with you as to what you need to do to address this issue. It could simply mean getting some rest or taking a few days off work; or perhaps a prescription or further investigations are needed: and sometimes a referral to a specialist is required’.

“Mental health is the same; sometimes we are feeling robust and we can cope with what is happening, and sometimes we might need some help. These ups and downs are a normal part of life. And again, depending on a lot of factors, the type of help you might need may vary from just having a chat to your doctor about it and understanding what is happening for you; it might mean accessing a counselling service; and for some people it might mean having to have specialist mental health assessments or referrals”.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma and perceived stigma around mental health, that gets in the way of people seeking help. Sometimes it's peoples own stigma and sometimes it’s the fear of being judged as weak for “not coping”. We all really need to start taking collective responsibly to shift these perceptions –understanding that mental health is part of health and that ups and downs are normal part of life".

“Sometimes in smaller towns we can feel vulnerable seeing someone we know. People might feel they will be judged by the practitioner; but of course, as practitioners we understand mental health is part of life, ups and downs are a normal part of life and seeking help is just part of improving health and wellbeing. For myself, I see it as a real strength that a person can reach out for help”, Mrs Liebenberg said.

“What we do know, is that earlier we seek help, and we can find the right help, the more unlikely it is that this will escalate to a mental health crisis. This is the same for our physical health – so really it is no different".

“With the introduction of more Medicare telehealth items, people now have access to a range

of telehealth services- and can access this from anywhere in the country. I saw many people through Covid-19 using phone or Video conferencing as a mode of delivery, and although some people were a bit unsure if it will work for them, most people just loved it. Some people have continued this as their preferred mode of treatment, although face-to face sessions are available.

“No matter how you are feeling, there are arrange of services available. From early intervention services to acute services- the same as physical health”.

“See your GP, to get the ball rolling. Mental health makes up a large proportion of consultation every day, and this is part of what they do.

Or call Accessline on 1800 800 944 to have chat about what is going on for you.

People can also call the MPHN Central Intake Navigation System on 1900 931 603, to find out what options are available in terms of counselling.

The Deni MHAG website has a lot of information about local services and how to access these and great We really would like to encourage our community to visit this website It has wealth of resources and can help people navigate local mental health services, get information about digital resources and information on all things mental health.

It is ok to ask for help, as ups and downs are a normal part of life.


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