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Mensline is not just about Mental Health

With Mens Health Week just around the corner, we're sharing a resource and helpline that is specific to men and men’s issues. Whilst MensLine is a 24/7 Helpline, it is not just a crisis line, and it is not just about mental health. It covers a range of topics.

Research show that men are more reluctant to seek help and will often just go at it alone. For many there is still the stigma, that asking or seeking help could be sign of weakness. For some, it is about not knowing where to start with talking about a problem if it has not got clearly defined physical symptoms. For others it is a reality that they feel they simply do not have time to go and talk to someone during busy working days.

The MensLine offers 24/7 services. Of which one is an online chat. This simply means texting online and having a chat, as you would with your mate. That is if you are a texter. But men also have the option of connecting via phone or video chat, whichever option suits best. And this is available anytime, anywhere. The number to call is 1300 78 99 78.

Men can talk about a wide range of topics that could be affecting them or that they would like some information or help with. It does not have to be mental health specific and can include topics such as relationship with a partner or wife; and or relationships with children or even breakdown of a friendship that could be troubling. The website has a range of factsheets and articles on various topics.

It could be that someone might be worried about working too much and not spending enough time with their family. Perhaps someone might be finding it hard to have conversation with their kids; or perhaps someone could be fathering from a distance and finding that challenging.

Managing emotions, anger and perhaps using violence to do so is something that is always difficult to talk about. There is a great deal of information, programs, and counselling out there to assist men who want to mange these emotions better or change these behaviours.

Men are encouraged to visit the website to see the wide range of topics that they can receive help for. Sometimes just reading a fact sheet can be enough. And sometimes more is needed.

MensLine counselling can be accessed for free from anywhere in Australia. It is confidential and all are qualified professional counsellors, social workers, or psychologists. No referral is needed. Should more than one session be needed for a specific issue, depending on some criteria, follow up session can be arranged.

Visit or call 1300 78 99 78.

Free Poster download

Download and print the new Mensline poster below.

They can be used for tea rooms, behind toilet doors, in offices and clubhouses.

All of Deni can be part of making sure our community knows when and where to look for help if needed.

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