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Learn more about Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a service committed to providing a free and confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for young people aged 5-25 years of age.

Qualified counsellors at Kids Helpline are available via Webchat, phone or email any time and for any reason.

Kid’s helpline has been operating since 1991 and the helpline has responded to over 8.5 million contacts since then.

For some young people, connecting with Kids Helpline has been a life-saving experience, while for others it’s about practical help and emotional support at the critical moment they need someone to listen.

A lot has changed since the introduction of the Kids Helpline and we need community to know and understand this is not just a line for you who are feeling at risk.

Some parents still feel that a call to the Kids Helpline reflects on their parenting, or that the child has felt unsafe in their home – a bit of stigma that remains from the time when the Kids Helpline was regarded as a crisis line only. A lot has changed.

Our communities have changed, the issues kids face have changed and the ways the Kids Helpline counsellors engage with and help young people have changed.

Whilst the Kids Helpline is there for young people at risk of suicide or at risk of harm for any other reason, the Kids Helpline is very much there for kids of all ages to talk through any issues they might be having.

It could be that they are feeling a bit stressed, or have worries about friendships or relationships, or needing strategies to deal with exam stress – it literally is for anything, anytime! No problem is too big or too small.

Deni MHAG wants to assure parents that encouraging their kids, teenagers, and young adults to use this resource is safe and helpful. The helpline is staffed by qualified counsellors.

The Kids Helpline also has a large resource bank for parents and carers and an online community called “My Circle for Parents”. My Circle for Parents is a free, safe, and confidential online community for parents, carers and supporters of kids, teens, and young adults. Discussions in the community are safeguarded by specially trained clinical moderators. Parents and carers can chat to other parents, get tips for those tricky life moments and transitions, or sit back and learn!

The website is easy to navigate. Jump online today and see how this can be helpful to you and your kids.

Download Kids Helpline posters below, or access more resources at

Kids Helpline Posters
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