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Help by phone, text or chat 24/7

Deni MHAG ( Mental Health Awareness Group) in collaboration with Deni Local Health Advisory committee is running a mental health campaign , ensuring our community knows where and how to access supports for mental health.

“Christmas, although joyous and festive for many in our community, can also be a very distressing time for other people. We know Christmas can be a lonely time, or a time where family conflict can surface, and

it important that people know help is available 24/7 , if needed”.

Apart from always being able to present at ED if a person is feeling very distressed and needing mental health interventions, there is a variety of ways people can seek online and digital support.

Not too long ago, we had to speak on the phone if we wanted to use these supports, but the helplines and services have re

cognised this can be hard for some to do. We have collated some resources , offering alternative ways to connect with help. Our younger generation will often prefer first contact through text or even with an online chat. Once contact has been made and people feel more comfortable or assured they can get some help, they might then be able to talk on the phone or be directed to face to face help locally, if needed.

These helplines and services are all manned by mental health professionals who are skilled at listening and providing support. Sometimes all people might need at the time of feeling lonely or needing to talk to someone, is just a listening ear and a place to be able to talk confidentially and freely with someone, just getting through that difficult moment or hour or day.

We want to encourage our local community to use these services if needed. Sometimes, these helplines can be busy and there might be a little wait needed, but help is available. Some services, like the Suicide Call Back service will also follow up with phone calls, after initial check in, to make sure people are OK and coping.

As a community we truly do care about peoples mental health and hope this campaign is helpful in assuring people to reach out if needed.


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