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Help Anywhere, Anytime

The Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness has launched our new digital and poster campaign, with a focus on raising awareness of confidential and free helplines.

This campaign aims to deliver ongoing information using printed and digital posters, as well as full page monthly advertising in the Deniliquin Pastoral Times.

The campaign will consist of 12 posters and will aim to increase awareness of several Mental Health and Wellbeing Support lines available to anyone. Many of these services are available 24/7 with people being able to make a phone call and have a free and confidential chat with a helpline professional and/ or counsellor – depending on the helpline.

Many people still have the idea that Helplines are only there when someone is in crisis; but this is in fact not correct. People can access many of these helplines to discuss a variety of issues.

Of course, people might still prefer to have face-to-face counselling and to choose specific

counsellors or services to suit their needs. People can find these locally or online. The reality is that these services are not always accessible for everyone due to cost or availability.

People experiencing a crisis or needing to have a chat to someone about things that might be happening for them that is impacting their functioning, do not always need longer term, formal counselling. Sometimes just sharing the load, talking about it to someone; and most importantly being able to do that when they need it, can be enough to alleviate the stress they are feeling at the time.

So with this campaign we hope to promote help seeking behaviour; encourage people to call sooner rather than later and ultimately get better outcomes with regards to their mental health and wellbeing.

Our website has a range of information about services available:

You can also follow the Facebook page to stay up to date with all the information.

This campaign is being funded by NSW Government, with funding from the COVID-19 Community Connection Wellbeing Program ( Pathway 1)

Deniliquin MHAG Support Is Here for You A3 poster
Download PDF • 511KB


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