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First Nations mental health and wellbeing support

"This year, Australia will hold a referendum to decide whether to change the Constitution to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (the Voice).

The Voice would be an independent and permanent advisory body.

It would give advice to the Australian Parliament and Government on matters that affect the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The national conversation on the Voice in Australia might negatively affect the mental health and wellbeing of some First Nations peoples.

People will have different opinions about the Voice, which could lead to difficult conversations with family, friends and colleagues.

Sadly too, some people will express racist or negative views about First Nations peoples on social media and other channels. These conversations may cause additional stress for some people.

It’s important to know there is support available during this time."

Download a list of free mental health and wellbeing services and supports for First Nations peoples below.

First Nations Mental Health and Wellbeing Services and Supports
Download PDF • 594KB


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