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If you or someone you know needs help, ACCESSLINE offers professional help and advice as well as referrals to local mental health services.

Accessline is a FREE phone service operating 24/7 available to anyone in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District. Accessline helps support people to access the services they need for help with mental health struggles, distress or drug and alcohol use.


Accessline is for anyone living in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District region. We are staffed by mental health practitioners who can provide advice and assistance to:

  • People experiencing issues with their own mental health or drug and alcohol use 

  • Carers and people supporting loved ones with a mental health concern or drug/alcohol use 

  • People who are worried about someone they know 

  • Health Professionals (including GP’s, service providers and emergency services workers)


If you are distressed or in crisis we can guide you to further urgent support. If after talking with you we are worried that you are at risk of harm we might advise you to go to your nearest Emergency Department or we will call Emergency services to help you. If you feel unsafe and know that you want to go to an Emergency Department, you can go straight there or call 000. You do not have to call Accessline first.


The trained staff at Accessline can:

  • provide advice about your concerns give you information about where to get support in your local area 

  • make a referral for you to your local Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Service 

  • suggest strategies to cope until your appointment 

  • guide you to further support if you are in crisis or feel unsafe


  • You may need to wait in hold but you can request a call-back

  • We will ask for your name and contact details. This is so the service we refer you to can contact you to make an appointment, or so we can reach you if we are worried about your safety. 

  • To make sure we can understand and support you the best we can, we will ask you to share with us why you called and how you are feeling. 

  • The Accessline staff member will suggest some options for support, based on your needs and safety. 

  • We may ask you about your preferences to arrange support that will best meet your needs. 

  • We can suggest strategies to help you cope through distress


If we organise a referral for you and things change or you need more support while waiting for your appointment, please call us again. We can talk about further options and provide reassurance.


When you call us about someone else we well:

  • ask for information about the situation, details about the person you are calling for, your relationship and why you feel concerned. 

  • provide advice and information on what further support might help the person and local services that are available. 

  • ask to speak to the person, if they are with you.


If we feel that further support is needed for the person:

  • we will try to make contact with them to check if they are ok and talk to them about their options for support.

If we can't get in touch with them:

  • we will make a referral to their local Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Service, who will keep trying to contact them to offer support.

If we are concerned that they may be at immediate risk of harm:

  • we will arrange for Emergency Services to attend.

Accessline do not provide a counselling service. However they can suggest other services who you can spend more time talking things through with if you would like to. You can call Accessline for advice about your mental health. 

There are services in Murrumbidgee that can assist with your emotional wellbeing, help with a challenging situation that is affecting your mental health or support you with an ongoing issue.


Helpline, Local Service Provider

Crisis Support, 24/7 Helpline

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