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IN OUR #DENI5IN# initiative, this week is all about CONNECT

Feeling connected to those close to us, is just as important as feeling connected to our community.

There are two types of social relationships important for us to build and maintain for wellbeing:

Relationships which are strong and deep These are relationships with people who are close to you, such as family and friends. They provide support, enjoyment, encouragement and meaning.

Social media has made the world much smaller, and it’s now a simple matter to keep tabs on your people. The downside is that it’s too easy to substitute a quick click for a more personal and meaningful connection.

Commit to spending time with others offline and in real life.

Broad Relationships Which may be more superficial (but important) with others in your community and the wider world. These activities give us a sense of belonging and connectedness. fie

We can build and develop these relationships by joining community groups and activities

  • Join a service group such as Rotary, Lions or the Soroptimists

  • Volunteer for a charity such as Vinnies, Salvation Army or Naponda

  • Join the Men’s or Women’s Shed

  • Feeling creative – join Wild Creations Co

  • Join a card, bingo or indoor bowls group

For more information on how you can make 5 ways to wellbeing part of your life. or

Share with us how you are connecting this week .


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