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Fun at the jellyfish colour run

The Jellyfish Colour Run and Family Fun Day held at Memorial Park on Sunday 10th September by the Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group (Deni MHAG) as part of the Covid-19 Community and Connection Wellbeing funding received from NSW government had all the elements of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

The event formed part of the intitiave by Deni MHAG to continue to embed the 5 ways to

Wellbeing in the community, with a strong message that Being Active, connecting with friends and family, to keep Leaning, to be Aware and to Help Others is good for our wellbeing.

About 200 people attended the colourful event, which was also aimed at making the community aware of the work of Brenda Norman’s Channel4Change initiative, which focusses on raising funds and awareness about youth mental health.

Mayor Peta Betts attended the event and delivered a short message and a warm send-off for Brenda as she attempts her next big swim, being the North Channel Swim, later this month.

Brenda Norman highlighted the importance of both physical and mental health in maintaining wellbeing and shared some of the adversity she faces, not only during the swims, but also in her ongoing preparation for swims. Whilst noting that there are many things that are out of her control during the swim and whilst preparing, and that there is no guarantee as to the success or outcomes of her swimming attempts, she chose to focus on the things she had control over.

She spoke about some of the youth initiatives that have been delivered on by Deni MHAG since she first started raising funds when she first attempted and completed the English Channel Crossing in 2018 and urged the community to continue support of these initiatives by donating to Channel4Change leading up to and during the swim.

Sunday was also National Suicide prevention Day; with theme WE ALL HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY.

Alison Thorne, acting chair of Deni MHAG encouraged people to keep learning about how to have conversations about mental health and to encourage people to seek help, when and if needed. She also wished Brenda well on her upcoming swim, ensuring her Deni MHAG will be there, albeit it virtually, to cheer her on.

Both Deni MHAG and Wellways was in attendance with resources people could take home about how to encourage help seeking and appropriate pathways to help.

The Deni High School students and teachers played an active role in the preparation for the days activities, and many volunteered on the colour run and in the face painting activities. Rotary was on hand with another great BBQ with families and friends enjoying lunch together. Games, craft and a jumping castle added the family fun to be had.

“It was wonderful to see everyone being active, connecting, volunteering, helping others and increasing their awareness about the work of Channel4Change and Deni MHAG, as well as accessing resources to encourage help- seeking when and if needed”, Lourene Liebenberg, member of Deni MHAG says.

For resources and pathways to help, visit and to donate to


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