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"One in five Australians have a diagnosable mental illness in any one year. Deni is no different. We believe increasing awareness about mental health and promoting physical and mental wellbeing can reduce the impact of mental illness on our community”.

Deni MHAG is using this "Five in Five" theme to challenge all our community to get involved. Our goal is to challenge the community to come up with their own Five in Five challenges - not only with regards to physical activity, but all of the National “5 ways to Wellbeing" initiative.

Human beings are ‘social animals’. Our relationships with others contribute to feeling good, so it’s important to socially connect with others where we can. Developing healthy social relationships can increase our feelings of happiness, security, belonging and self-worth. Creating bonds with family and friends allows us to feel secure.

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If you or someone you know has concerns about their mental health, please see the GP or navigate these pages for help. 

If you or someone you know is feeling mentally distressed or suicidal please call Accessline 1800 800 944 or present to the nearest ED department and they will help you access Mental Health Emergency Services.  

If a life is in danger, please CALL 000 straight away.