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The Families Stronger Together in Deni initiative continues to grow. A project, started by the Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group ( Deni MHAG) in August last

year, saw a private Facebook group established, and now has a 156 members.

This group, moderated by local mental health professionals, is aimed at helping parents, cares and educators access resources around supporting children and young people of all ages with their mental health and wellbeing.

The group recently did a survey to ensure they are staying on track with providing information that is relevant to the demographic of the group. The responses received indicated an even demographic of members was accessing the group for information across all age groups and interestingly 60% of respondents were also looking for support information for themselves.

The information that most people found relevant are factsheets on various topics, as well as online webinars and workshops for adults supporting young people.

As such, Deni MHAG has engaged Way Ahead, an organisation that runs online anxiety seminars in rural areas. Small Steps is an education program aimed at raising awareness and improving recognition of anxiety disorders in children.

Two seminars will run on 16th August, one specifically for teachers and staff working with children in stages 1 and 2. On the same day, in the evening a seminar will be run for parents and carers of children in stages 1 and 2. Both these seminars are fully funded and will be free to all participants.

“We know parents and educators are very busy and finding time can be difficult. We are thus putting this information out early, so these dates can be planned for, and spots booked for these online events”, Lourene Liebenberg, member of Deni MHAG said.

To join the group on Facebook just search for Families Stronger Together in Deni

EDUCATORS 4PM -5.30 PM 16/08/23

PARENTS AND CARERS 7PM -8.30 PM 16/08/23


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